The 12 Best Hiking Destinations in BC

British Columbia has a ton of great hiking destinations around the province. Pretty much any place you go will be packed with trails and mountains for hikers of all skill levels. Hiking can be a great way to get or stay in shape while enjoying the outdoors and nowhere on Earth are the outdoors more enjoyable than in beautiful BC. A moderate climate and heavily treed areas create the perfect hiking experience. In many areas of BC the terrain is great for advanced hikers but there are always easier trails around for those who don't want to take it too seriously. In this post we look at The 12 Best Hiking Destinations in BC but rest assured that no matter where you are in the province of BC you will find great places to hike.

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12. Strathcona Park

strathcona park bc

Strathcona Provincial Park is the oldest provincial park in Canada. It was founded in 1911 and is located 9km east of Gold River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The park offers the highest peaks on Vancouver Island with the Elk River Mountains. There are numerous hiking trails within the park for hikers of all skill levels. Both leisure hikers and mountain climbers alike will find a trail suitable. There are no commercial facilities within the park but there are many spots to camp and Buttle Lake provides some great kayaking and swimming. Mount Washington, located close to the park, offers downhill and cross-country skiing as well as hiking and mountain climbing during the summer months.

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11. Kokanee Glacier Park

kokanee glacier park bc

Located in the Selkirk Mountains northwest of Nelson, Kokanee Glacier Park offers backcountry adventures for the whole family. Most of the park sits above 1,800 feet and the parks 3 glaciers feed over 30 lakes. There are over 85 km of hiking trails within the park. Campers, hikers, and climbers of all levels will enjoy the waterfalls, trails, glaciers, and pristine lake that Kokanee Glacier Park has to offer. Remember that the glaciers can be dangerous and you should stay off them at all times.

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10. Cascade Mountains

cascade mountains bc

The Cascade Range is a major mountain range in western North America. Parts of this mountain range can be found in BC, Washington, Oregon, and North California. Coquihalla Mountain in Southern British Columbia is the highest peak in it's range. There are at least 32 km of hiking trails within the BC section of the Cascades. Hikers may use Cathedral Lake Park where they can gain information about hiking trails in the area. If you're lucky you may see bighorn sheep, black bears, mountain goats, mule deer, porcupines, and ground squirrels. The hiking found here is not necessarily strenuous and is a good fit for all hikers.

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9. Glacier National Park

glacier national park bc

Glacier National Park can be found 57 km west of Golden and 45 km east of Revelstoke. Glacier National Park is a portion of the Columbia Mountains Natural Region. They are steep and rugged mountains in the interior of BC. The park consists of over 400 glaciers and the third longest cave system in Canada, the Nakimu Cave system. There are two camping areas and an extensive trail system. The movement of the glaciers has helped form cirques, arretes, tarns and hanging valleys.

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8. Monkman Pass Memorial Trail Hiking Route

monkman pass bc

The Monkman Pass Memorial Trail Hiking Route brings together the peace regions of BC and Alberta. The trail covers some of the most untouched wilderness in the world. The trail is considered one of the toughest in Canada, beginning at Kinueseo Park and ending with a river boat trip down the Herrick River. You will pass 10 waterfalls and the beautiful Monkman Lake. Kinueso Park is located 57 km from Tumbel Ridge, British Columbia.

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7. Stawamus Chief

stawamus chief

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park covers the massive 700 meter cliffs near Squamish on the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler. The park, established in 1997, protects 506 hectares providing hiking and climbing opportunities known around the entire world. The Chief as it is known has 3 main peaks that provide astounding views of Howe Sound and the town of Squamish, BC. From March to July visitors must obey the closure signs as to not interrupt the nesting season of the peregrine falcon. There are also camping possibilities within the park.

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6. Mount Assiniboine Park

mount assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park includes beautiful lakes, gorgeous glaciers and sky scraping peaks. No roads can be found in this untouched part of the Canadian Rockies. Some of the world's best camping, hiking, and mountain climbing is readily available for anyone to enjoy while horseback riding, fishing and ski touring are the parks other main activities. The park covers over 39,000 hectares located just west of the BC-Alberta border.

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5. Valley of a Thousand Falls

valley of a thousand falls

The Valley of a Thousand Falls, in Mount Robson Provincial Park, is the largest concentration of waterfalls in Canada. Located west of Mount Robson, the valley offers great backpacking country with a few campsites. White Falls, Falls of the Pool, and Emperor Falls are the most exciting of the falls and are all located on the Robson River. Be on the lookout for bears and make sure you store food accordingly. This amazing hiking adventure will start at the Mount Robson Information Centre.

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4. Grouse Grind

grouse mountain bc

Over 100,00 people per year hike the Grouse Grind, one of the toughest hiking trails found near Vancouver. Grouse Mountain provides year round activities for visitors including climbing, hiking, biking, skiing & snowboarding, paragliding, ziplines, a gondala, and an 8,000 square foot pond for skating in the winter. The Grouse Grind trail is only 2.9 kilometers but the terrain is rugged and steep covering an overall elevation gain of 2,800 feet.

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3. Blackwater Canyon

blackwater river bc

Blackwater Canyon is located along the Blackwater River about a day hike from Quesnel, BC. There is a beautiful but dangerous trail that wraps around the canyon providing gorgeous views. Blackwater River provides great fly fishing and there are nearby campsites. You can also take an unforgettable back country hiking trek you can head to the Fraser River by way of Blackwater River continuing on to the Pacific Ocean.

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2. West Coast Trail

west coast trail bc

The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island BC provides world famous hiking and back-packing. The trail stretches 77 km from Port Renfrew to Bamfield. The trail is open for hikers from May 1 to September 30, travel during other times of the year is not recommended as it can be hazardous. There are many different legs of the trail that can be done if 77 km of straight hiking is too much. The West Coast Trail gets thousand and thousands of visitors every year passing by some of the most spectacular scenery found in BC as it runs along the Pacific Ocean.

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1. Hunlen Falls at Tweedsmuir Park

hunlen falls tweedsmuir park

Hunlen Falls, formerly Mystery Falls, is a waterfall in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. The waterfall measures 1,300 feet and is the second highest waterfall in British Columbia. Tweedsmuir Provincial Park covers 895,00 hectares of gorgeous land including glaciers, wooded areas, lakes, and rivers with ample hiking and camping opportunities. If you're traveling to Hunlen Creek & Falls or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park check out the hiking, fly fishing, and flight tours available from Redfern River Fishing Lodge BC.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 12 Hiking Destinations in BC, there are hundreds more hiking destinations in British Columbia just as beautiful and unique as the 12 on this list, but alas we cannot cover them all. BC is likely the most adventurous and beautiful place in the entire world. What better way to spend a BC vacation than taking in all that the outdoors has to offer with an adventurous or leisurely hike through massive trees, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers while viewing amazing wildlife? If you know of a great hiking destination in British Columbia leave your comments below.