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Welcome to the Redfern River Lodge Fishing Blog! We will be posting fishing related articles with information on fishing and the outdoors in general in British Columbia.

Tweedsmuir North Provincial Park BC

Redfern River Lodge is located in the Northern section of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. The park, originally one of the earliest parks established in the provincial park system was split in to North and South. North Tweedsmuir Provincial Park covers 446,092 hectares and the Tweedsmuir Protected Area covers 15 hectares. The park is home to such recreational activities as fishing, boating, camping, hunting, and hiking. The recreation possibilities for those who love the outdoors are nearly endless.

The 12 Best Hiking Destinations in BC

British Columbia has a ton of great hiking destinations around the province. Pretty much any place you go will be packed with trails and mountains for hikers of all skill levels. Hiking can be a great way to get or stay in shape while enjoying the outdoors and nowhere on Earth are the outdoors more enjoyable than in beautiful BC. A moderate climate and heavily treed areas create the perfect hiking experience. In many areas of BC the terrain is great for advanced hikers but there are always easier trails around for those who don't want to take it too seriously.

BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations

Many people wonder exactly what the fishing regulations are in BC. We encourage everyone that is fishing in British Columbia to read these rules and regulations and abide by them at all times. The regulations exist for our safety, the fish that provide us with food and hobby, and the well being of BC lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.

BC Freshwater Fish

Below is some information about common Freshwater Fish found in the waters of British Columbia. For more information on BC Freshwater Fish, visit the Freshwater Fisheries website Discover Fishing BC.

Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout